Grafic design services:

- Development of logos and corporate identity;
- graphic drawing by hand;
- vectorization;
- Photo editing, retouching, collage;
- 3D models;
- Preparation, layout of files for digital, large format
and offset printing;
- Photography (course certificate);
- Video recording, video editing (course certificate);
- classic animation (course certificate);
- stereo vario images;
- souvenir products

My portfolio on Behance

As a designer, I have been helping my clients create brand designs since 2016. Together we create successful brands with corporate identity and corporate design. We focus on your company, your services and your products. The strategy we have developed includes solutions that are effective in the short and long term.

The combination of these measures from a single source is your advantage! You receive consistent, differentiated branding - both digital and analog. You communicate consistently with your audience in terms of content and appearance and thus arouse trust in your reference groups, arouse curiosity and achieve your goals.

ИП Сухарев
Михаил Александрович

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Контакты / Contacts

Адрес: ул. Ботаническая, 4-5, г. Гродно, Беларусь, 230023
Тел./Phone: +375 29 503 7461

Рабочее время: ПН-ПТ 9-18, кроме выходных и праздников

Sukharau Mikhail Aleksandrovich
Address: Botanicheskaya str., 4-5, Grodno, Belarus, 230023
Working hours: Mon-Fri 9-18, except weekends and holidays

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